John Hulme (S01.E04)

Podcasters on Podcasting
Podcasters on Podcasting
John Hulme (S01.E04)

In this episode, we talk to documentary filmmaker, author, and podcaster, John Hulme (, producer of the True Crime-Horror podcast, “No Man’s Land” (

Highlights of our conversation include:

  • Navigating the ups and downs, failures and successes of a career in a creative field
  • John’s attempt to revive radio drama in the 1990s with “Vanishing Point”
  • Getting to know his father, who was killed in Vietnam when John was very young, through his documentary film, “Unknown Soldier”
  • The Highland Park (NJ) African American History Project
  • The art of the interview and asking (really) tough questions
  • “No Man’s Land” and the True Crime-Horror genre

And a whole lot more!

CREDITS: Hosted by Andrew J. Salvati; music by Poddington Bear; cover artwork by Frank Bridges

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