Kristen Meinzer (S01.E02)

Podcasters on Podcasting
Podcasters on Podcasting
Kristen Meinzer (S01.E02)

In this episode, we talk to podcaster, author, pop culture critic, and royal watcher, Kristen Meinzer (

Highlights of our conversation include:

  • Navigating tangled career paths
  • Approaching interviews attentively and empathetically (helping people tell their stories)
  • Her time at WNYC’s “The Takeaway” and the “Movie Date” podcast with Rafer Guzman
  • Distinctions between radio and podcasting
  • Interactivity and building audiences
  • Her “By the Book Podcast,” which she co-hosts with comedian Jolenta Greenberg
  • The popularity of self-help literature
  • Her (2019) book “So You Want to Start a Podcast?”

And a whole lot more!

CREDITS: Hosted by Andrew J. Salvati; music by Poddington Bear; cover artwork by Frank Bridges

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